I am fortunate to treat clients who need and benefit from sports massage and soft tissue therapy. Also, I am greatly privileged to treat some who are elite athletes, for whom sports massage and soft tissue therapy is an integral part of their training regime.

Glenn Graham


Glenn is Resident Director and Principal Dancer of Matthew Bourne's New Adventures dance company. He has performed lead role of the The Swan in Bourne's iconic Swan Lake. Glenn also has his own company Glenn Graham Dance providing education and professional dance masterclasses. As a professional dancer, performing all over the world, constantly training and performing, Glenn's body is put under constant strain, yet required to be in optimal condition. Sports massage helps his body recover more quickly and maintain optimal muscle condition. This enables him to perform well whilst minimising risk of injury. 

Georgios Zampas

Former 100m Sprinter

Georgios has been training constantly since his teens. He competed nationally in Greece as a 100m sprinter. He was also a gymnast and dancer. Currently he swims and is a long distance cyclist. He trains daily using body weight exercises to keep his body strong, supple and in excellent shape. Having always been training, sports massage helps maintain his muscles in good form, optimising his training and reducing the chance of injury.

In addition to being an athlete, Georgios is a gifted photographer, pianist, singer, painter, sculptor etc etc ...