london marathon 2023

free sports massage

Well done Connor 🏃🏻‍♂️ for completing the London Marathon in 3:23, his 3rd marathon, and for confirming the number of miles in a marathon, which is 26.2. With this he won a free sports massage.

Previous Competitions for Free Sports Massage

Queen's Jubilee 2022

Hip hip hooray to  ⚽️ Harrison ⚽️  for winning the The Queen's platinum jubilee free sports massage competition, and by correctly answering the question: which generic group of thigh muscles does The Queen use to help grip onto her horse.

The Queen uses her hip adductor muscles to help grip onto her horse.

Summer 2021

Well done 🧤Theo🧤  for winning this competition and for successfully answering the question: which muscles are press-ups good for.  Answer: mostly pecs, deltoids, abs and triceps.

Christmas 2020

Bravo 🍕Pietro 🇮🇹  for winning this draw and for successfully answering the question: "which is the largest muscle in the human body". The answer being the gluteus maximus.

Summer 2020

Congrats to Robyn  🚴🏻  for winning the summer 2020 lucky draw.

Spring 2020

Well done to Georgios, former 100m sprinter for Greece 🏃🏿‍♂     .    .   .  . . ...    for winning this competition.