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I went to Paul needing multiple areas worked. He asked good questions and allowed me to explain where i felt the problems were physically, and what i was experiencing without jumping to conclusions/putting words in my mouth which i have experienced with other therapists. I have had multiple therapies on a shoulder injury previously, and the issue has never really progressed anywhere near to being fixed. From explaining to Paul where the pain was, and through gentle manipulation and movement, he was able to identify areas which needed work. Paul explained what he was doing really clearly so i never felt uncomfortable or nervous; i felt in safe hands the entire time. The range of movement i have regained from the session has been incredible - i haven’t been able to do certain movements without fear of exacerbating the shoulder injury, where as after the session i was able to work through the movements positively. Paul was attentive in checking the pressure applied was ok, and whether i could feel any sensations from the action he was undertaking. This reassured me he was focussing on achieving a positive result over just working an area for the allotted time. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough and i will definitely be rebooking for further work.

Paul is a great guy and professional with exceptional attention to detail. His sport massage skills are incredible, especially if you are into running and cycling like me. Paul also explained to me the condition of my muscles and recovery tips. I highly recommend Paul.

Massage with Paul is a real treat. He pays close attention to his clients (pre-visit communication is spot-on) and thoroughly investigates different areas of focus before any deeper input. He is very attentive (constantly making sure the pressure is adequate) and truly cares about his clients. Paul mindfully differentiates the pressure and skilfully identifies any points of tension. I felt very relaxed after the massage. I found it relaxing and impactful. Paul is a real pro and if you book a session - you will be back for more! 😊

Paul takes his time to work on troubled areas and is very attentive to explaining what he notices needs work. His un-rushed and detailed approach is very rare and much appreciated. He shows clear interest and knowledge in anatomical and physiological aspects of the body which I appreciate being a Yoga and fitness instructor myself. He's very professional in his new client on-boarding with a thorough questionnaire and checklist to make sure you feel comfortable. Fixed my sore back and great at treating legs properly too which sometimes get skimmed past by other therapists. Been back a few times since. Firm favourite.

It is not easy to find someone with Paul's technique. Paul is the type of therapist who listens to his clients and provides individualised treatments to really target the muscles that need it the most. From the first booking you can tell Paul is passionate about what he does and he shows a truthful interest in his client's wellbeing. During each session Paul's seeks feedback, for example, about the level of pressure. I think this is important as he can further tailor the massage depending on your comfort level. I truly recommend booking with Paul.

As a massage therapist, I am somewhat wary before trying a new therapist. Also, I'm not great at handling pain and have hurt my back a couple of times when having Sports massage. I'm glad I decided to try Paul. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive. I could feel his hands reading my body and what it needed. I know Sports massage is not meant to be relaxing, but after he'd worked and released some tensions, I found myself drifting off and enjoying the whole process. It was more than a massage, it was an outstanding experience. I've already talked to a couple of friends about him and would happily recommend him to whoever needs a thorough and professional Sports Massage

I am a classical musician by trade which means my body is put under an enormous amount of not only physical stress but also mental and emotional stress through performing on the harp. I have only recently moved to London and I have trialed many masseurs in that time short space of time. Some have been good, some have been great, some have been incredibly bad and a waste of my money. Paul is the only masseur so far that I feel that has given me a great reason to review so positively. His services are of the highest standards. He is the real deal. He provides a comforting touch and is knowledgeable about the human body. It was evident that he is fully trained and an experienced professional in this field. An added bonus to this service is that he is a delightful person to hire with a great spirit. His workspace is as stated, serene, warm and dimly lit and is immediately inviting. The whole experience was that of a 'hygge' nature.