Should I avoid exercise before and after?

Sports massage affects muscles in a similar way to exercise and working out, in that muscles need to recover afterwards. You would generally avoid exercising the same muscle group on consecutive days. Where so, you may want to avoid exercising and receiving sports massage on the same muscle group on consecutive days.  However, this depends very much depends on the individual.

How long do I need for a treatment?

90 mins

A general full body treatment plus focused attention on one or two problem areas can be done in 90 minutes. This is the most popular choice for my clients, since they typically want treatment for problem areas and full body. The 90 minute treatment is also priced to be cost effective. 

60 mins

A general full body treatment can be done in an hour; however, if there are one or two areas which require focused attention, treatment of other areas may be less thorough.

120 mins

A general full body treatment plus focused attention on two or three problem areas can be done in 2 hours. Also, this may allow more time for more relaxing massage.

30 mins

Pre or post event, or follow up for a specific issue, for example to treat one shoulder and surrounding tissue. A full body treatment cannot be done in 30 minutes.

Do I need to shower before?

You should be freshly showered.

Does it hurt?

Sometimes, sports massage and soft tissue therapy can feel uncomfortable. This can happen where muscle is tense or damaged. However, any feeling of discomfort should not feel excessive and should be within your tolerance level. 

There is a notion that sports massage should hurt, and the more pain the better. However, pain is counterproductive and undesired. I will seek your feedback to understand how you perceive the pressure, to help ensure it is right for you.

The majority of a treatment is normally relaxing. It's not unusual for clients to zone out or nod off whilst being massaged.

What oil is used?

Naqi Sports Massage Lotion is used rather than oil. It is non-greasy and more grippy compared to oils. It is specifically designed for sports massage. Since it is non-greasy, showering after treatment is not required. Oil can be used if you prefer.

Grapeseed oil is used occasionally around the neck and abdomen; less grip and a lighter touch is required and it feels really nice. Where oil is used around the neck, it is enhanced with some highly diluted essential oils for their aroma and therapeutic qualities.

How often should I have treatment?

Frequency of treatments depends on your circumstances, goals and finances. Some people wait until they feel excessive pain before seeking treatment. Others have more regular treatments to help maintain their issues at a tolerable level.  Athletes and people for whom their sport is important may have regular and frequent treatment to help keep their body function in top form, minimising pain and risk of injury.

Can I reclaim treatment fees from my health insurance?

You may be able to reclaim the cost of your treatment from your health insurance provider. I am a member of ISRM which is a leading recognised sports massage and soft tissue therapy professional organisation. Your health insurance provider may well reimburse treatment fees incurred from ISRM registered therapists such as myself.  You should consult your health insurance provider for further information.

What is Paul like?

Paul is a really great guy. 👼