Laura who later worked through the cold night  😬

London Marathon 2024 - Supporting the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


Glutes and hamstring attachments

Hip adductors

Reading Endure24 Trail - Summer 2023

Treating ultra trail runners day and night

Quads and hip adductors


Bumped into Roger from my running club

Is that a smile or a grimace?

London Marathon 2022 - Supporting Shelter

sports massage on piriformis

Releasing the piriformis

sports massage on external hip rotators

Stretching the external hip rotators

sports massage on leg

Warming up calf and hamstrings

sports massage on thigh

Easing up hamstrings and hip adductors

London Marathon 2021 - Supporting Meningitis Research Foundation

sports massage on calf

Gentle treatment of calves

sports massage on thigh

Manipulation of hamstrings and hip adductors

sports massage on hamstrings

Gentle strokes along hamstrings

Post marathon drinks with Laura with whom I trained. Laura is fabulous and provides treatment close to Henley-on-Thames:

 Health & Performance Massage.